High efficiency furnaces, high efficiency water heaters, hot water heating, circulator pumps, thermostats, garage heaters, appliance gas conversions: we do all this and more at Bertrand.

Our team members are qualified in all areas of residential and commercial heating system repair, installation and renovation.

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  • HVAC systems strive to meet your desired indoor temperature expectations!
  • Creating a comfortable temperature in your home is a delicate balancing act between equipment, air flow, and mechanics.
  • Proper HVAC maintenance can help maintain this balance despite the system’s consistent starting and stopping, and on-demand operation.
  • Seasonal preventive maintenance on your heating and cooling system may guard against many unexpected failures and could maximize the lifecycle of your heating or cooling unit.
  • Preseason inspections may uncover leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires and/or corroded electrical contacts on your air conditioner or heat pump that can lead to bigger equipment failures if left untreated.
  • Proper maintenance may also keep your system running at peak performance level.
  • “Effective maintenance can reduce HVAC energy costs by 5 to 40 percent depending on the system or equipment involved.”
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