We believe in the next generation and we make room for them.

It is no coincidence that Bertrand Plumbing & Heating has one of the best retention rates in the industry. At Bertrand, we take care of our people like our own family. What does this mean in concrete terms?

To better support young people studying in the skilled trades and to enhance the value of their studies, we have set up B2School, a financial support and career coaching program unique to Bertrand Plumbing & Heating and specially designed for young people who join our company.

Through scholarships, support for the purchase of basic tools and reserved employment opportunities, the message we are sending to the next generation is that at Bertrand, we want to focus on young people, help them develop and integrate them into a company that is working at full speed.

Are you considering a career in plumbing, electricity, sheet metal work, heating or air conditioning? Bertrand Plumbing & Heating is the place for you!

We are always looking to add talented and skilled people to our team. Are you looking for an internship or your first job? Looking for an internship or a first job in the trades? Text “Job” to 613.443.3090.